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Your entry will be judged by some of the brightest and most experienced business leaders hand-picked from around the UK

Entries are judged in two phases. Scoring is done anonymously and confidentially. In each round a selection of senior executives across all marketing disciplines evaluate entries based on proof that commercial communication was key to the success of the campaign. The round one jury is different to that of round two.

  • The highest scoring cases from Round One will go to the Final Round.
  • In both rounds, all elements of an entry – written case and creative elements – are judged.
  • Judges also have the opportunity to discuss the cases in both rounds before finalising their scores.

The judges' scores determine which entries will be finalists and which finalists are awarded a gold, silver, or bronze Effie trophy. The finalist level and each winning level - gold, silver, bronze - have minimum scores required in order to be eligible for finalist status or for an award. Effie trophies are awarded at the discretion of the judges. It is possible that a category may produce one or multiple winners of any level or perhaps no winners at all – no matter the number of finalists. Not all finalists become winners.

Judges read your written case first and then immediately watch your video. Make sure your team reviews both to ensure they work seamlessly together before submitting your entry. It is important to remember that judges are reviewing 6-7 cases in a session. Brevity, clarity, and strong storytelling are key to make your case stand out.

Scoring system

Judges are asked to evaluate specific criteria in scoring a marketing case’s overall effectiveness and provide four separate scores analysing specific attributes of the work. The breakdown is as follows: 

Strategic Communications 23.3%
Challenge & Objectives Idea 23.3%
Bringing the Idea to Life 23.3%
Results 30%

Judges also have the opportunity to discuss the cases in both rounds before finalising their scores.

Round one

Each judge reviews around 6-7 cases across a range of categories. The evaluation of the cases is based entirely on effectiveness, according to each entry submission and its evidence of results.

The Round One selection is about the cold hard facts such as the campaign background, business objectives, creative development, media strategy, and, most importantly, the proof found within the evidence of results which shows beyond any reasonable doubt the effectiveness of the choice and use of marketing communications.

Highest scoring cases proceed to Final Round of judging.

Final round

In the Final Round, evaluation of the case is based 80% on effectiveness and 20% on the creative work.

Final round is where each case is scrutinised in great detail, therefore it is important to remember that brevity and clarity in your written case is essential in ensuring that the process runs smoothly.

Conflict of interest

Jurors are allocated cases in a way that avoids conflict of interest. Before the judging begins, they are advised to inform the moderator if they are allocated a case they shouldn't be scoring.


Discussion is an important component of the judging but the jury votes remain anonymous and confidential. Jurors are asked to sign a confidentiality form before the judging begins.

It is important to note that not all categories produce winners and if a category has one finalist it does not mean that this campaign is a winner, as all entrants have to reach minimum scores.

Take a look at advice from the jury to help with your entry.


24th October 2016
Online Entry System opens

18th November 2016
Early deadline
(for all categories EXCEPT Olympics)

25th November 2016
Early deadline
(for Olympics/Paralympics category only)

21st December 2016
On-time deadline

13th January 2017
Final deadline

20th Janaury 2017
NEW! Last chance extension

February 2017

Round One judging

March 2017
Final Round judging
Finalist notification

17th May 2017
Winners announced at Awards Ceremony

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