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Why Enter?

Our industry is littered with awards. But, for marketing communications effectiveness, none carries the prestige and authority of the Effie UK Awards. Here's why:

1. Get your work recognised among top industry professionals
Effie UK Award programme is backed by some of the top executives in the UK ad industry as evidenced by our Steering Committee. This is your chance to showcase your best work to important industry players.

2. Climb up the Effie Effectiveness Index rankings
The Effie Effectiveness Index identifies and ranks the most effective agencies, marketers, brands, networks, and holding companies by analysing finalist and winner data from Effie competitions around the world. Announced annually, it is the most comprehensive global ranking of marketing effectiveness. Find out more here.

3. Reinforce your relationship with your client
By entering the Effie UK Award Competition and getting recognised for your hard work, you give your client one more reason to continue their collaboration with your agency, thus strengthening your relationship.

4. Attract new accounts
With a jury comprising of top industry players, you will gain recognition for your work which can attract new business for your agency.

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