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Below is an overview of select rules & eligibility. Review the complete rules by downloading the Entry Rules and Regulations.

Eligibility rules

Any and all marketing communications efforts, whether full campaigns or unique efforts within a campaign are eligible to enter. Retail experience, viral, buzz, direct mail, PR, Radio, TV – any one or any multiple combination of mediums – any examples of work that demonstrate how you tackled your client’s objectives can be entered. To enter, you must detail the "why" behind the strategy and provide proof that your work achieved the results you were hired to produce.

To enter the 2017 Effie UK Awards, your case must have:
Run in United Kingdom between 1st October 2015 and 30th September 2016*.

*Exception: The Olympics & Paralympics category follows a separate eligibility time period of: 1st June 2016 – 31st October 2016. Entries in this category cannot include results after 31st October 2016.

Your case can have been introduced earlier but must have run during the qualifying time period.

  • Do not include any results after 30th September 2016 (for all categories EXCEPT Olympics). This will result in disqualification.
  • Your work must have made an impact during the eligibility period and the results you provide must be within this time frame. Elements of the work may have been introduced earlier and may have continued after, but your case must be based on data relative to the qualifying time. Judges will evaluate success achieved during the eligibility time period.
  • Note: It is helpful to include context, data and results prior to the eligibility period. This enables judges to better understand the significance of your objectives set and results achieved during the eligibility time period. Judges will expect to see context around data points provided – pre and post measures, etc.
  • Judges also appreciate understanding your case in the real marketplace and your future outlook if your case is ongoing. While you cannot present results after 30th September 2016 (or 31st October 2016 for Olympics category) in this year’s competition, make sure to address your future outlook. Present your case in the context of the real marketplace and timing - do not present your case in isolation.
  • The Effie UK Awards reserves the right to re-categorise entries, split/redefine categories and/or refuse entry at any time.
  • Test efforts are not accepted into the Effie UK Awards competition.

The following will result in disqualification and entry fees will be forfeited:

  • Data not sourced. All data, claims, facts, etc. presented anywhere in the entry must reference a specific, verifiable source. Sources must be as specific as possible in documenting all evidence; provide source of data, type of research, and the time period covered. Do not include any agency names in your sources. This should be referenced as “Agency Research” with any other relevant information. Sources must be provided next to each piece of data, or claim OR appear in clearly marked footnotes at the bottom of each relevant page. Be as specific as possible in documenting all evidence; provide sources of data, research involved and the time period covered. Use the specific name of the company to reference a source except when the source is an agency company (Ad, Media or other agencies). Because Effie is an agency-blind competition we require agency company research to be referenced via the term “Agency research.” However, you must still be as specific as possible about this source (time period covered, research involved, etc.). Effie reserves the right to verify accuracy and completeness for all sources.
  • Agency names/logos published in the entry questions or in the creative materials. Effie is an agency-blind competition – do not cite agency names anywhere in your entry or creative materials. Do not cite your agency name (or any other Agency – Ad, Media, Digital or other – names) as your reference source. If an agency is the source of your research, reference "Agency Research".
  • Including results or competitive work/logos on the creative reel. Refer to the Creative Reel instructions in the Entry Rules and Regulations. The reel is simply meant to showcase the work as it ran in the marketplace.
  • Failing to adhere to the Effie UK eligibility period. The 2017 Effie UK eligibility period is 01/10/2015 - 30/09/2016* (1/62015 - 31/10/16 for Olympics category only). It is fine for the work to have started running before or continue running after this period, but the work the judges are reviewing must have run at some point between these dates. The results the judges are evaluating must be within this period, but data prior to the eligibility period may be included for context. No results after 30/09/2016 may be included (or 31/10/2016 for Olympics category only).
  • Failing to follow the Formatting Requirements as outlined in the entry rules & regulations and on the entry questions guideline. Review the Formatting Requirements in the Entry Rules and Regulations  for rules on font, color, pictorial elements, leaving questions unanswered, and removing parts of the entry questions guideline.
  • Not enough information. Not including examples of all creative materials discussed in the case brief and integral to the effort on the 4-minute creative reel. You must include at least one example of all creative detailed in your entry that was integral to the case's success on the 4-minute reel.
  • Submitting low-quality or incomplete entries. Make sure to have someone read the case and check for spelling, math and grammar errors as well as hyperbole, undocumented claims, etc. before you submit. You must fill out every section of the entry as noted in the Online Entry System – do not leave any blanks. If a question is not applicable, you must state this directly under the question. Any question left blank will result in disqualification.
  • Missed Deadline. All Effie UK entry materials and payment must be submitted by 20th January 2017.

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